VidaShield™ Continuous UV-C Air Disinfection System

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Case Studies

Children's hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas.
The VidaShield System reduced airborne bacteria levels 86% and fungi levels 54%. Surface fungi levels were reduced 26%.

Acute Care hospital in Massachusetts
Environmental testing confirms that the VidaShield reduces the levels of bacteria in both the air and on the surfaces in heavily contaminated areas like an OR break room or ICU from 69-70% 

Acute Care hospital in Tennessee
The level of contamination in the rooms where the VidaShield were installed were lower on average than the corridors, break rooms and other employee areas. 

Acute Care hospital in Nevada
The VidaShield system reduced airborne bacteria levels at 80% and reduced surface levels 66%. In addition, staff reported improvement in odors and air quality, as well as a noticeable difference in allergy symptoms. 


SHEA Poster Presented May 2016


Can using active UV-C technology to treat the air reduce surface pathogens in a healthcare setting?

Dr. Linda D. Lee, DrPH, MBA
Chief Science Officer
American Green Technology 

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Clinical Report

Report on the Performance of the VidaShield™ System

By Dr. Wladyslaw J. Kowalski 


VidaShield Product Brochure

VidaShield Continuous UV-C Air Purification System

6 page brochure

VidaShield Video

This short video illustrates the mechanics of the VidaShield System