"Effectiveness of a shielded ultraviolet C air disinfection system in an inpatient pharmacy of a tertiary care children's hospital"

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"Viable air particles pose a risk in areas where sterile preparations are compounded. This study investigated the efficacy of an innovative air purification technology that uses a shielded ultraviolet C light lamp to continuously purify the air in an inpatient pharmacy. Mean airborne fungal and bacterial colony forming units were obtained preinstallation and again in 6 months. A statistically significant decrease of 78% and 62% was observed for fungal and bacterial particles, respectively. This study demonstrates a potential role for this novel technology in decreasing the spread of airborne pathogens."


The patented* VidaShield continuous UV-C air purification system is specifically designed to reduce the levels of bacteria and fungi in treated air and reduce the settling of viable bacteria and fungi from treated air on surfaces.

Pathogens float on air currents and land on surfaces very similar to how they travel in a snow globe.

Here's how the VidaShield Continuous UV-C Air Purification System works. 

Dr. Robert Rothstein, CMO, VidaShield, shares his clinical experience as former VPMA from Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital.

Dr. Linda D. Lee, CSO, VidaShield, explains the dangers of contaminated air to the healthcare system and its patients.

Dr. James S. Prine, MD, PA is recognizing fewer staff sick days, improved indoor air quality and reduced odors with VidaShield.

Pathogenic aerosols like C. Diff and MRSA travel on air currents and pose a hazard to immunocompromised people.



Installing VidaShield is quick and easy. Follow the step by step instructions and you will be on your way to breathing cleaner air!

Maintenance for the VidaShield system is an easy process.


Healthcare and UV-C Lights
Since the early 1900s, UV-C lights have used within the healthcare industry to kill the types of microorganisms that typically cause indoor air quality (IAQ) problems - bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses. Unfortunately, the exposure of UV-C lights is hazardous to humans, and therefore people cannot be in the presence of UV-C radiation.

It's Shielded
VidaShield is a unique application of powerful UV-C lights. This patented* device draws in room air through an array of quiet fans to an unseen UV-C neutralization chamber mounted above a traditional 2x4 ceiling light fixture and then returns the air to the room. Because the UV-C source is shielded within a mirrored chamber, VidaShield allows for 24 hours/day ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in an occupied space.

*US Patent Numbers: 8,350,228; 7,922,351; and 8,439,517; as well as corresponding foreign protection